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“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”
~ Albert Einstein


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Reiki means “universal life force.” It is what we are made of. However, cultural amnesia, trauma and toxic misconceptions have caused us to close off from the source of our wellness and we are left recirculating the same energy through a closed system, like water in a radiator.

A Reiki practitioner never uses their own energy, but instead makes available an infinite flow of clear life force. By example, this harmonious energy gradually encourages the more distressed and bewildered parts of us to entrain to the perfection of the Reiki.

Rather than imposing an outside agenda, Reiki allows things to become what they truly are by modeling complete and unconditional love. It introduces information from outside the closed circuit of what we believe to be possible, and allows us to release all resistance to wholeness. Gradually, we remember our limitless potential and return to our true selves.

Reiki combines synergistically with all methods of healing, and over time many practitioners have blended Reiki with their own skills and beliefs. It is the universal nature of Reiki, however, that makes it so powerful.