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"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will
call it fate." Carl G. Jung


Somatic Counseling

When something happens to shake up our lives, we find ourselves at a crossroads, an intersection where there was once a straight line. This can be very frightening. And yet it is also an opportunity to release old patterns and structures in our physical, emotional and energetic bodies that have kept us from experiencing our wellness.

While the mind wants to complicate things, our bodies hold a very readable map to our unconscious. Guided by an awareness of sensation which helps us to see the unseen, we are able to reinhabit abandoned places in ourselves. Undischarged energy in our nervous system from old trauma can be released, along with limiting and toxic misconceptions about who we are.

This is a simple, gentle and respectful process that reconnects us with our deepest truth and allows us to manifest a life increasingly safe from unconscious sabotage. Over time we develop the skill of listening to the teachings of the body and make our decisions based on this infallible wisdom. We learn how to start again, and reclaim the beauty and limitless potential of our true nature.