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"You are the whole ocean;
why send out for a drop of dew?"




“Mia Runanin is a rare and genuine spirit. Integrity, wisdom, humor, and compassion are some of the many gifts she brings to her healing arts. Her physical touch is tangible love. Her understanding of what it is to be a human being on this transformative journey called life, and her ability to communicate that to others is truly exceptional.”

~ Rani Druda, D.C.


“Mia Runanin has been my teacher and mentor for over two years. She has been essential in bringing my Reiki practice to a new level. I have received my Level 3 Attunement and have apprenticed to become a Master Reiki Therapist and Teacher under Mia's compassionate wisdom. Her sense of humor and her beautiful view of how we dance with life has opened my eyes. She continues to provide me with answers, grace and tremendous confidence which have streamlined their way into a humble and fulfilling practice for me.
"Mia's distance healing work is so powerful, it is palpable in the room. I always ask Mia for distance healing when I teach my Reiki classes and notice such a difference throughout the entire day. The energy sent feels like a soft zen-infused waterfall! While I have practiced distance healing with others in the past, I always refer clients' requests to Mia. Quite simply, she is the best!”

~ Jennifer Brinn, Reiki Master/Teacher

“For close to six years, I've had the good fortune to work with Mia in a process of healing. In that time, she has been an incredibly intuitive (and occasionally irreverent) guide and witness to my internal unfolding. Her greatest tools are her deep and communicable trust in the workings of your body and the universe, her gift of allowing you to determine both the pace and the focus of each meeting's work, her humor, and her rich grounded presence. Her work is a collaborative process between three main players- Mia, yourself, and the world- and I am continually awed by the gratitude that I feel towards all three. My body has gone from feeling lik a separate, confusing, chaotic, and often uninhabited structure to my deepest resource; one filled with all of the images, animals, spirits, and sensations that I have tracked in her presence, as well as enough mystery, wisdom, and beauty to last a lifetime.”


"I first started seeing Mia at a pivotal point when I realized that the life that I created was far from what I hoped it would be. She was able to meet me in even my darkest places in both laughter and tears so that I could heal myself and connect to my inner resources. Every aspect of my life has transformed from our work together as she's taught me how to stay grounded, know my boundaries, speak my truth, and live within my integrity. In essence, Mia has helped me to transition from girl to woman."



"I have experienced tremendous growth in working with Mia.  The work has involved energy healing with Reiki as well as deep body-centered counseling whereby she assists me in identifying and better understanding the internal structures within myself.  Mia’s style is always gentle, supportive, and grounding.  She offers profoundly insightful feedback and helpful tools.  I really cannot easily put into words the influence this work has had on my life."



“Mia brings an extraordinary combination of healing touch, intuition, and intelligence to her work. Her touch and her vision help me see and feel myself in the ways that are most healing for me. Mia helps me to unveil/reveal things about myself so I can see my way to the healing I deeply want.”



“For the first time in my life I felt an inner peace that people usually only read about in books. I became so moved by this that I wanted to learn Reiki from Mia. The most important lesson Mia has taught me as a teacher is to let go and trust the Reiki energy to do the healing work. I now have a thriving Reiki Practice of my own in San Francisco and Mia's words of wisdom are with me in every healing session that I do: ‘Let go and trust the Reiki energy and the healing will happen.’ And it always does! Thank you, Mia, you have forever changed my life!”

Margaretta von Recklinghausen, Reiki Master/Teacher